The Good Lord Giveth

| February 29, 2024

And the Good Lord Taketh Away

Did I say spring has sprung? Oh, heck no. The one thing Facebook does, for better or worse, is remind us with “reminders” of what happened or what we were doing years past – on a certain date.

There was a pretty major shutdown of the City of Denton in March of a long time ago, and kids were sliding down the hills at the local park down the street, in the snow, using all forms of Texas “sleds” to careen out of control into the street that was once there. No cars, no sounds, but the crunch of deep snow underfoot. Even the airspace was quiet, like 9/11.

It can happen. My FJ60 in better days … For an FJ60!

All that City topography has changed in the interim dozen-or-so years. That street is gone, heck the hill they slid down in the park is even gone now. Our happy and excited dogs we were giving time to frolic in the snow? They’re gone too now. So much gone, but not forgotten … yet.

Forward we go …

All That Glitters

All that glitters is not snow. Sometimes a dull reflection of heavy mist on the hood is as good as platinum. We need a lot more rain – in North Texas – than we are getting lately, and today if you stick out you tongue? Okay, don’t look stupid. We have a weak mist, but it should be enough to rinse the dust off the buds that are coming on. And there’s always this weekend!

We are headed right back into the 80’s this weekend, and an early morning calm both days may be all I need to go hole-up in a cove or creek mouth (this mist could runoff creating some currents?), and see if the “stacks” of sand bass are around. I have probably said it more than once: Why muckety-muck around in North Texas creek bottoms, when you can sit on deck, high-and-dry, pecking at sand bass in their spawning frenzies (if you can find them), or in their salt-like summer blitzes? Not much in freshwater compares to a sand bass and cousin striper topwater blitz IN MY OPINION.

Stay tuned. For the beginner fly tiers here, I am working on the second installment of Basic Fly Tying: Types of Hooks. That will be supplemental to my fly tying classes, and available on my YouTube Channel this week. Subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel and you won’t miss anything!

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