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| September 13, 2018

Texas Weather in Play Isaac on Horizon

Red Tide South Padre Island by Robert L. Berry

South Padre Island, Texas.

It looks like we’re going to get another dose of rain soon. We have seen the sun here in North Texas today, but it was covered up again – as quickly as you getting caught by your mom …

This one’s called Isaac, as in Isaac Hayes, and the path is – SO FAR – a classic for a Texas landfall. Surf’s going to be up for sure, and all things being equal (as in = 0.00), it may be time to gas up and head for the coast?


Maybe we can hear from the coastal readers and see if those waves are breaking in the Jetties channel at South Padre Island, Texas? That would be a classic break of epic distance – I remember guys jumping off the Jetties on the channel side and riding for HUNDREDS of yards. I am talking a fat rolling 500 yard breaking wave. See the South Padre Surf CAMS 

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