Dreary Monday Morning

| September 10, 2018

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Good Monday Morning to you. We are raining our way into fall here in Texas, aren’t we? Today’s supposed to be another dreary day, and that adds onto almost a full week of it last week – and there’s no end in sight – according to our “weatherman.”

The rains of last week and weekend dampened plenty of plans for the last seven days. There were a lot of events planned that were rained out, but I managed to get on the water last Friday and look for those torpedo size grass carp that seem to always show themselves when I am completely unprepared. They also show themselves between rains and reliably on cloudy / early / overcast days. The last time I sacred about five of them out of a cove, they left wakes that were massive. So these are 50-pound-class fish. This time? I didn’t find a single one. I get the feeling once they are scared away, they go away for a long, long time.

Anyway, I did get to try out a new fly rod given to me – a Hardy Zenith 7wt. one piece rod. How that arrived in my hands is a story itself! As light as it is, I was able to wrangle a 5-pound common out of the vegetation with it. There are some very interesting characteristics to a one piece rod – very interesting.

We all know how important fly lines are to rod performance, and there is a ton of movement in the brands – mostly renaming the same lines with new flashier names. I will see if I can decipher that in future weeks. It seems like I wear out all my lines at the same time, which is actually good in my opinion. That means I am using them all pretty equally. Maybe the huge sales of this fly line deck spike will fund the new pricepoint in fly lines! The premium has gone up (just like the story on pants) to $120-dollars for the top-end fly lines. Is that amazing, or what!?

Well I have some website issues with other sites I have or manage, so this is cut short today by the gremlins inside the machine. Thanks for reading. I am still moving the furniture around in this site, so check back on that in coming days.


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