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| June 29, 2017

Texas Skiff home here for now

A few years (really!) back I was about to launch a separate website called Texas Skiff. Well, life and the “C” got in the way. So, I decided to roll the love of the SKIFF LIFE into the love of fly. I must be feeling better – to add another ball to juggle! The reality is I am a first-time boat owner, and am learning and living the skiff life in real time. So I figure, just like I figured when I started Texas Fly Caster in 2007, WHY NOT share the information that could save some new skiff owner A LOT of HEARTACHE?

I will be combining stories on skiffs, mainly Texas based, with what you find here at Texas Fly Caster — as we go into the future. Some of you will find the details interesting, even if you don’t own a skiff. Why? Because a lot of what goes into a skiff comes from kayaking and other realms. Why not take what we learned in the kayak world, and translate to skiff?


The YouTube video is a run through the skiff you’ve seen, and perhaps been lucky enough to ride. Once again, as when I started this site in 2007, I do not know where the TEXAS SKIFF segment will lead, but at least I can share information that may help skiff buyers and owners save money, headaches and time. If you save time messing with your skiff, you can spend it casting for your favorite fish, can’t you?



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  1. shannon says:

    Be sure to check out the “TEXAS SKIFF” page here for an anchor of information!

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