Texas Post Stormy Sunday

| September 25, 2023

The weather was all around us here in North Central Texas last night, but as for my yard? Zero.zero is the number in the glass rain gauge this morning. For those of you who got a little (rain), well enjoy it!

These overcast and slightly cooling days mean something to the fish, and one special fish I have been chasing for years now on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. That fish, the grass carp, comes in at thirty and I estimate a second at fifty plus pounds – and this is the weather that brings them out to eat the summer crop of vegetation in shallow waters … and they mow it down by the pound, as much as five pounds a day.

My grass carp nemesis has a tail that is visible from a couple hundred yards away, probably about 12-inches end to end, and some days I can get closer than those hundred yards! In fact, I had a couple of casts last year. All that does is keep hope alive, and fan the flame: “We Take Pride in our Long Odds” is the phrase I have retooled for fly fishers – from great local band Centro-matic. It’s a fantastic credo, worthy of a t-shirt, don’t we think?

The only thing more Moby than the pursuit, a few miles away, of one of these mammoth fish with armor thick scales, is of course those distant salty fish who still swim free in my dreams … just waiting.

Thanks for reading today! It’s off to the RV store to spend spend spend … damn damn damn … talk about long odds and a long time? This vintage Airstream rebuild hits the danger phase now, as I get ready to plug in the 120V for the first time – in fifteen years. Wish me luck and as few electrical burns as possible!

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