Texas Fly Fishing – Water Wednesday

| January 11, 2017


Texas finished 2016 with lower than average rainfall. What do we have going forward into 2017? I’m not going to predict the weather – YOU DO IT! We lived through epic drought in the last ten years of the Texas Fly Caster website life, and that was followed by epic floods that, in the long run, did a lot of good for Lake Ray Roberts.

The winter patterns we are looking at the last two years, I believe, fall into a new category – the “New Normal.” At some point, we won’t be surprised by what happens anymore, and will settle into new ways of dealing with winters (and all seasons for that matter) that:

  • brings greater numbers of bull reds to greater portions of the Texas Gulf Coast
  • reestablishes a role for Texas in the tarpon world
  • nurtures and discards Texas freshwater lakes
  • scrambles freshwater patterns in lakes and rivers

Texas Drought map January 2017


Let’s have a look at the current (as in today’s) drought map for the State of Texas. Visit the SITE for statistics.

As you can see from the map, drought is creeping back in this winter, which isn’t all that unusual. D1 and D2 are creeping in to North Texas (TFC Home Base) today, and there’s surprising data for East Texas – in my opinion – as they are showing signs of drying out as well. Those are the facts. You make the call.

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