Texas Fly Fishing Report on Hold

| September 1, 2017

Harvey dominates our thoughts and prayers

Well, it’s finally over. Now, the typical trail of destruction remains, covered in mud, chemicals, flotsam, gators, snakes and mosquitoes. Yeah, it’s not going to be over anytime soon for the Texas Gulf Coast.

What I hope we can do, is become a source for direct contact and support for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. If you know any organizations that are doing good deeds, please feel free to comment here, or send me information in the contact form, so I can publish that information as soon as possible.

We are seeing Texans being Texans these days – I saw a jet motor on TV used to put out a house fire when the pressure dropped at the fire hydrants (submerged three feet below the water), and I saw monster trucks (now we know what they’re for) pulling out Guard rescue vehicles … Texans.

With all this happening, you can imagine fly fishing takes a back seat for a little while. If we were communicating on the Dallas-Wide-Web, instead of the WorldWideWeb, we’d be talking about how little rain and how few effects we had from Harvey, and how slow the fishing is, but our local self-interests can certainly wait awhile.

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