Super Duper Bowl Week in Texas

| February 1, 2011


I cut the Rio Grande Valley / South Padre Island visit a day short to beat the weather back to North Texas, and as you can see and hear, I probably saved three extra days at the southern tip of Texas.

It’s 560 miles and 48 hours that separate this video, and if you are reading from outside Texas, you can get an idea of just how diverse this state actually is.

If Sunday could be considered the first day of the week, then how about a speckled trout on (this past) Sunday, and a rainbow trout this Saturday? Could it happen? The challenge is thrown down, but meanwhile I will wait this one out indoors. Wind chills are below zero at this moment and the wind’s howling right through our old home. The chickens are in a now heated condo, and the gardens are deep watered and mulched.

In case you don’t hear the response to the Green Bay Pittsburgh question, it’s GREEN BAY! And we will be having our own Super Bowl of Fly Fishing showdown between the two states later this week. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

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  1. shannon says:

    Supposed to hit 47 Saturday. Hope the guys on the coast are making it.

  2. shannon says:

    What I want to know is; why are my toes freezing and I am inside?! Weather around here is just one of those “variables” that leads to less fishing and more house cleaning.

  3. joel hays says:

    case in point – the high today for OKC is the same as the high for Fairbanks, AK ! !

  4. joel hays says:

    Actually just read a report stating that the cold air we’re experiencing is part of an arctic “burp” that surged abnormally cold air south. Warmer air replaced it and it’s relatively “balmy” in the arctic. CRAZY!

  5. shannon says:

    Is our Scientist in Residence saying there is something going on with the planet? Or, is he just happy to be away from those high school hooligans?

  6. joel hays says:

    Yeah – there is NO GOOD REASON ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH FOR IT TO BE THIS COLD! Grading papers and tying flies is all it’s good for!

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