Sportsman’s Finest Fly Tying Event

| May 11, 2011


Here is a podcast with a slideshow of images from Sportsman’s Finest fly tying event last week. If you don’t bother to listen, at least read this – THEY HAVE nearly twenty fly tiers showing up to socialize and tie flies EVERY WEEK. I find that amazing, and wonder if the time has come to again attempt to gather folks at the Fly Bar for our own regular fly tying. Heck, what’s 400 miles between friends? Check out Sportsman’s Finest.

There’s a birthday party at Tailwaters Dallas this weekend, and if you can tare yourself away from the big box stores for a couple of hours, you’ll at least get some good eats and drinks. I will be there showing the Diablo Paddlesports Adios Kayak, so be sure to stop and say hello.

Saturday night in Denton, Texas, is a good night for music with one of my all-time favorites James McMurtry. I can only guess he will be doing some new music, but that doesn’t really matter. Check out Dan’s Silver Leaf for more information.

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