So You Like The Cold?

| December 22, 2022

So tell me – where do I go to warm up? My trusty weather machine is showing 17-degrees, and a wind chill that is taking it down to 12-degrees f. I am thinking that feels a little bit high, and the old farm house in the City is not holding its own. Whiskey chase that cold away.

With winds like this, the cracks begin to show in our shell. And keeping the cold out and the warm in is akin to one of those freak storms in the Lonesome Dove Series. It isn’t happening Gus.

Taking shape before my return to South Padre Island, is a friendly outing to the Blue River next week. I figure now that I am back in Rome, I must do as the other Romans do. Besides, I haven’t hit the Blue River in so long … maybe it has changed? Naaaa.

I think it will be the catch-and-release (C-n-R) this time around – just for the sake of the novice among us. Remember how slabby those experienced and weathered-in fish can be up in the C-n-R? It is one of those times where I just want to know if what always worked still works on these synthetic fish. But, I won’t be hitting it before it warms up a little bit! I will take the crowds if it means not getting numbed-out by the Oklahoma plains cold.

What are you up to as we fly into Christmas 2022? How is the Fly Fisher Christmas buying going? About the only thing I have in the Los Pescadores Online Store for the cold is … actually … a very high quality hoodie by Laguna Madre Clothing. If you can wait for me to get back to Port Isabel to ship? This hoodie is awesome. I actually wear it to sleep in – in our City farm house. That’s what happens when the fur on the top of your head starts to abandon … your head gets cold. So just pull up the hood, and pull up the sheets! It also blocks out the constant drone of the highway and traffic a little bit.

The cold is actually a really good thing. We can kill off a few mosquitoes around the City Farm House, and maybe a flea or two. It also gives the trouts a little kick start of energy. Next week is shaping up to be a humdinger.

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