Simms 2010 Wading Boot – Supporting Your Mom & Pop Fly Shop

| September 2, 2009

I will be first to admit I go to Wal-Mart. It’s not my favorite grocery, but in this town, it’s the logical choice. If there were a Whole Foods, Central Market, or some other choice I would quit the Wally World habit in a heartbeat and pay the premium.

So goes the constant war between the Big Box fishing supply chains – Bass Pro (BP) and Cabela’s versus anyone who happens to be in the way. I will be the first to admit, I shop the big boxes. Why? Because sometimes they have the power of price or inventory that gives them the advantage over Mom & Pop (M&P). Price and supply being (close to) equal, I will take M&P every time.

Truth be told, the local M&P in Dallas Fort Worth, Tailwaters, is bringing new merchandise to the swarms of fly fishers well before they ever appear at the big boxes. And they have the ability to separate the wheat from the chafe. How many big boxes carry special edition reels, or the latest Sage rod.

Now there is one undeniable truth; the most valuable thing you can get at all of these retail locations is – INFORMATION. All of the wonderful people working at these stores have provided me with information that has helped me catch more fish than any rod, reel, fly, shirt, hat, shoe, hook, line or sinker. Chances are even if you don’t buy you will walk away with something for free – every time. The first stop on any trip I make is to find some information.

But sometimes gear, new and shiny, new and improved, or just a better replacement, is the order we need filled.

For example, the new boots by Simms look to be and exponential improvement over their previous flats boots. I have looked far and wide for the specs. on this boot, but apparently it is that fresh. Tailwaters is taking pre-orders now, and you can check their site Tailwaters, or call them at 888-824-5240.

Simms 2010 Wading Boot
Simms 2010 Wading Boot. Notice the wide-angle-fish-porn distortion.

When you are finished drooling over these, tune in tomorrow as I show you one of the latest in TFO Rods, and don’t forget you can cast these at Tailwaters.

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  1. shannon says:

    I can’t remember which article it was … too late at night or early in the morning … I suggest you read for its subtlety. stay tuned

  2. Cindy says:

    all i know is one thing, don’t shop at sport’s authority. i don’t even really fish and i know our stuff is crap. actually the whole store is crap when you think about it. Our buyers are in colorado, never visit the store, supposedly look at the inventory, but we’re all out of baseball stuff and they say “wait, you play baseball in the fall there?” uh, duh. we definitely don’t have half the stuff we should, and at least 1/4 of the stuff we carry never sells. people just go to academy where they find everything they need cheaper. or wal mart where they can find it even cheaper.
    oh, and DFW needs HEBs. badly. sigh.

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