TFO Clouser Rod at Tailwaters Dallas

| September 4, 2009

It’s common knowledge that the relationship between Temple Forks Outfitters and Lefty Kreh is the stuff of modern fly fishing history. In my two small encounters with Lefty, I went away with the impression that he was there to bring the fly religion to the masses. It starts with his casting philosophy and ends with the rod in his hands. TFO has forged a place in the business of fly rod manufacturing by bringing good rods, a very good warranty and a great price to the masses of fly fishers that would otherwise be left out by companies who concentrated their efforts on low volume high price fly rods. That was then, this is now.

Clouser Rod by Temple Forks Outfitters
BoB Clouser and the folks at Temple Forks have a new rod that should satisfy a lot of fly fishers on local waters.

The buzz built early for the new Clouser rod, and although it’s not at any of the big box stores, I got my eyes on one on the flats at Ray Roberts when Joel Hays put one through the paces on carp. Although Hays doesn’t have the time to write a review, I can say he was pretty excited about the rod’s performance in close quarter combat with common carp – strong backbone and supple tip.

Now you can find the TFO Clouser rod at Tailwaters in Dallas, Texas. So, if you are itching to get your hands on a Clouser (fly rod), make sure to stop in at Tailwaters and tell them Texas Fly Caster sent you. They can also be reached at 888-824-5420.

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  1. shannon says:

    The Orvis T3 is more of a trout rod isn’t it? These Clouser rods are big sticks that (starting at 7wt) can horse LMB’s out of the weeds, go toe-to-toe with hybrids and cut the wind like a razor blade. The Clouser has done me serious justice this spring. I am no expert on the T3, but I think there’s more than a hair’s worth of difference between these rods. Shannon

  2. Phil Johnson says:

    Would you sell a T3 to buy a Clouser both 8wt’s

  3. shannon says:

    Be sure to see the review on as well.

  4. shannon says:

    Giving the guys at Tailwaters a breather as business heats up. Maybe tomorrow we’ll tease the new Sage or Yeti coolers? It’s all good.

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