The Redfish Meth Fly – Just That Much More Addictive than Crack!

| November 12, 2016

With no further ado, we have the long awaited, sometimes copied, often duplicated and much touted Redfish Crack Fly. NO WAIT! This is a bit stronger stuff … the Redfish Meth Fly!

Just throw in a little bit of articulation, and we have a crack fly on meth. I’m not kidding. This fly did me well the last time I was on the coast, and did well with speckled trout. That gives you some idea of just how much of a killer fly this really is. Sure, the Redfish Crack fly is addictive, but … just watch the video. If it takes specks, then reds are pure addicts.

Just in case you don’t want to deal with the new Meth version, there is the Crack version in “Part 2” of this YouTube video. And DON’T FORGET TO FAST FORWARD OR TURN THE VOLUME DOWN – if you don’t like what you are seeing!

Next week is the super simple ReyRam Fly. It’s another killer saltwater fly that catches. At the top of the end of the list is the ReyRam. Thank you Dr. Rey Ramierz of Brownsville, Texas, for this fly which I began tying back in … 2008, was it?

As always, any feedback on the video, my late night audio, whatever … is greatly appreciated! You already know how much I love doing fly tying videos, don’t you?

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