Pulling The Trigger

| March 29, 2024

I remember the day we shot this video. The wind was a banshee just like it is today. But we were running up, way UP above Lake Ray Roberts on the Trinity River. Jeff had all the knowledge and experience to do this run that sometimes reminded me of the Bogart classic movie “The African Queen.”

Today is the actual date this video was recorded, long before the South Padre Island adventures, an incredible THREE years ago!

I am getting a lot of questions about the sand bass runs NOW, and there’s only one real answer I have for you: I don’t know. It used to be simple enough, before the sand bass run of the Greenbelt Elm Fork of the Trinity was destroyed by USACE/TPWD/CoD mismanagement … the fish showed up at the Ray Roberts Dam and everyone caught fish – by the thousands. Go there now and you can hear the wind whistle, replacing the hoots and hollers of happy kids and anglers – silenced by the mismanaged waterway. Go there today, and only fishermen who don’t know any better are there. And the silence …

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