President’s Monday Morning

| February 17, 2020

Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk, and thanks to all those Presidents today! It was an eventful weekend to say the least, and while the water continues to warm up – mostly due to massive influxes of rain – the days are also getting longer, the bugs are getting buggier and today’s temps are expected to hit 80-degrees. What more do we want?

Well theres the long list of fly fishing events coming to Texas as well! This new book I am such a fan of, pre-release selling – top right column, has given ME a shot of self-esteem about a little more pride in what Texas has to offer when it comes to fly fishing.

In talking to the author over the book, I was also told about a fiberglass event – a REGIONAL event – that is coming to Texas. Just hearing about that event, that I had no idea was happening, reinforced my decade-long assertion; Austin really is the EPICENTER of fly fishing in Texas. 

And the list of spring fly fishing events is as huge any time I can remember in the past ten years. 

  • Plano Fly Fishing Festival – March 21-22 2020 — Plano, Texas
  • TPWD Fly Fishing Texas – April 18 2020 — Athens, Texas
  • 2020 Texas/Oklahoma Glassic April 24-26 — North Fork San Gabriel River, Georgetown, Texas

Each of these events will be covered in greater detail – individually – this week.

As for what else is going on? 

A new article on a young man here in Denton, who just received his third, of three appointments, to the famous military schools we have all heard of: Army, Navy and Air Force. He has an extremely rare decision to make.

I am taking on my first-ever ongoing art gallery showing in an existing gallery here in Downtown Denton, Texas. We are reorganizing that gallery’s business operation, and it is basically getting gutted and re-established with a new look and new Co-op artists – fully operational and open for business on LEAP DAY 2/29. If you think that’s a handful? We’re only getting started.

There is also a non-profit called “The Art Room Denton,” that specializes in art therapy in general. I am helping with their media presence, and maybe … adding some fly tying as a potential creative outlet for anyone with “issues” who may be interested. (Best I can figure – non-profit really is)

One thing is certain, time right now is tight, and who knows if all these different outlets will survive my ongoing addiction! 

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