Pay-Per-View Subscribers at Texas Fly Caster – TAKE NOTE

| September 25, 2014

As a reference point for those friends of Texas Fly Caster who are subscribing these days:

  • I have disabled any logging in / payment registration via social media like Facebook or Twitter because the de-facto message says we would be able to look at your timelines, and all kinds of extremely intrusive things that I would never ever do.
  • The only way to subscribe and pay is via a directly forwarding you to PayPal, which is what will happen if you click on those buttons. Once you get there and pay, you will get some message about “automatically being renewed every year,” and I am working to make sure that is removed, and does not happen when you subscribe. To some people, a year is a long time, and to someone like me, it passes in the blink of an eye.
  • If you are ever unsatisfied with the content, the management of paid or free content, here at Texas Fly Caster – be sure to let me know, promptly and clearly, what you think is a problem. It could result in changes, or some other satisfactory outcome – especially if more than one person mentions the same issue!
  • Of course, once people pay to read professionally written, proprietary, copyrighted content, it makes no sense to go back and make it free, right? So if you’re holding your breath, exhale.
  • We’re two weeks into this cutting edge internet stuff. There’s an extraordinary amount of work going on to make a go of this bleeding edge technology, while continuing the informational  and entertaining stories you’ve come to expect over the past eight years.

Thanks for reading!

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