Oklahoma Fishing Highlights

| October 11, 2011

We all know Texas has taken a hit when it comes to fishing this year, and it’s still not over. One of my sources who’s connected to Corpus Christi, Texas, said the red tide has kicked up on that part of the Texas Gulf Coast.

We had a little rain last weekend, but we’re still low, and wherever there is still water, it’s pretty nasty stuff.

With no further ado, let us head a little ways north, to Oklahoma, and see if Oklahoma is ok.


Lower Illinois: October 3. Elevation normal, water 44 and murky. Largemouth bass slow on crankbaits at 1 ft. in coves. White bass slow on jigs and spinnerbaits at 1-2 ft. in coves. Striped bass slow on live shad at 1-2 ft. in the mouth of the river. Channel catfish good on cut bait on bottom all along the river. Crappie slow on jigs and spinnerbaits at 1-2 ft. in coves. Trout good fly-fishing the surface, on rooster tails at 1-2 ft. and on Power Bait on bottom at the dam. Report submitted by D. Tracy, Town of Gore.

Texoma: October 2. Elevation 6 3/4 ft. below normal, water 80 and clear. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fair to good on surface lure, plastic combination baits and spinnerbaits at 5-15 ft. in the creeks and around the points. Striped and white bass fair to good on live bait, sassy shad and slabs at 10-15 ft. in the river channels and flats. Channel and blue catfish fair to good on live bait, worms, and stinkbait at 10-15 ft. from Platter Flats to the north. Crappie fair to good on minnows and jigs at 5-10 ft. in the upper creeks around brush and riprap. Sunfish good on worms, shrimp and small tube jigs at 5-10 ft. around the fish attractors and riprap. Report submitted by Danny Clubb, game warden stationed in Bryan County.

Arbuckle: October 1. Elevation 6 1/2 ft. below normal, water 73 and clear to stained in creeks. Bass being caught on square-billed crankbaits, spinnerbaits, finesse drop-shot and shakey head. White bass being caught on roadrunners, rattletraps and spoons when chasing shad. Crappie being caught on jigs at 32 ft. and on swim jigs at 6-12 ft. Channel catfish being caught on doughbaits near baited holes and on crankbaits in shallows. Sunfish being caught on poppers and fly-rods along shady banks at 6-8 ft. Report submitted by Jack Melton

Broken Bow: October 2. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass good on crankbaits around points, structure, mouths of creeks and ledges early and late. Catfish good on juglines and trotlines baited with cut bait. Crappie good on minnows and jigs around structure in the upper end of the lake. Report submitted by Dru Polk, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.

Eufaula: October 2. Elevation 4 ft. below normal, water clear. Largemouth bass fair on plastic baits and crankbaits around deeper points and deeper rocky areas. Blue catfish good on fresh shad along the shallow flats. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 6-12 ft. under bridges and standing timber. Report submitted by Ed Rodebush, game warden stationed in McIntosh County.

Hugo: October 2. Elevation 3 1/2 ft. below normal, water 78. Catfish fair on juglines baited with cut bait. Crappie fair on minnows in creek channels. Report submitted by Jay Harvey, game warden stationed in Bryan and Choctaw counties.

The lake I am interested in is Murray, but there’s no report from there. Although their lakes are low, they are obviously getting more rain in Oklahoma than we are here in Texas.

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