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| February 6, 2009

It may not be SXSW, but this is Denton, Texas after all.

This is apparently a conference with the cute little name “conferrette” March 12-15. There’s nothing like making up words to start off on the right foot now is there? Regardless, there are a few names here worth their weight – James McMurtry for one, and sleeper band of the decade Centro-Matic (one of Jeff Tweedy’s favorites).

American Werewolf Academy
The Angelus
beep beep
Bosque Brown
The Botticellis
Bridges and Blinking Lights
Chameleon Chamber Group
Bart Davenport
Dead Twins
Delmore Pilcrow
The Diamond Center
Dust Congress
Electric Toy Danger
Ella Minnow
Daniel Folmer
Laura Gibson
Robert Gomez
The Grey Company
the Heartstring Stranglers
The Heelers
History At Our Disposal
The Hudsons
Mathias Isassi
Audrey Lapraik
Last of the Interceptors
Like Trains & Taxis
The Mad Scientists
The Make Believers
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
James McMurtry
Mike Miller
Dan Montgomery
The Naptime Shake
The New Science Projects
The Odd Primes
Pinebox Serenade
Record Hop
Shiny Around the Edges
The Show Is The Rainbow
The Silver Arrows
The Slow Burners
Claire Small
The Spectacle
Spooky Folk
Sugar and Gold
Swedish Teens
Tame . . . Tame, and Quiet
Telegraph Canyon
The Timeline Post
The Theater Fire
Virgin Passages
Warren Jackson Hearne and the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers
We Are Villains
Young Mammals

We can only hold out hope that there’s not much in a name because these leave something to be desired.

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  1. shannon says:

    Yeah. I am thinking this is much ado about nothing much.

  2. Cindy says:

    The two you mentioned were the only ones i’ve ever heard of on this list. haha

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