Not Your Daddy’s Stinky Rod Socks

| October 8, 2010

So, I was hiking into the the Rio Grande Reservoir valley, a steep downward grade, and I was again reminded of just how fragile a fly rod is when it’s in four pieces, the factory rod sock, and a day pack.

I didn’t fall or anything, but imagine if I did – that day, last year on the Conejos or elsewhere. An aluminum tube (I have one for every rod) isn’t too practical either. It takes up space and if there’s anything else near it, you can bet it will clang against it, scaring wildlife for miles around.

I have been a fan of fleece for quite some time. It has amazing properties, is affordable and widely available. The things you can do with it are well represented at Cimarrona, by the wide variety of hats Leslie Kregel (my wife) makes using fleece as one of the main ingredients in her hat collection.

We decided to design a packable rod sock that will provide a bit more protection to a typical four piece fly rod, and yet still compress to fit in a rod tube. And instead of putting a tabbed label, we also decided to offer the socks in every flap color we could imagine, resulting in color coded socks that guarantee you won’t confuse your six with your ten.

Have a look at them in the Shop, and let us know when ordering if you need it shortened for shorter rods. That is a free service, and we can do any length you specify, as well as making socks for rods longer than a typical nine footer.

These fly rod socks are made by Leslie and me, a little more me than Leslie. She had to get me used to the sewing machines, and how everything works, but you will find each sock has the character of a hand made Denton, Texas, USA product.

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