No Shortage Here

| September 11, 2013

Water water everywhere.

Coming to you this evening from a hotel couch in the tiny resort town of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. There’s none of the support technology brought along, so the photos of all the water in the form of lakes, rivers and glaciers, yeah glaciers, will have to wait until I am completely hooked back in to the matrix again.

I am the ultimate strange tourist in a strange land. I gaze at the water moving in thousands of gallons per second from water falls and other transports. While hordes of French, German and countless other origins move around me, I take photograph after photograph.

It used to be we left the Texas heat for Colorado cool. Now I think I just want to get away to see water, lots of water.

We’re still on the move and Internet connections are a novelty. Hang in there. Things should level off, and the fall is taking a new shape as I have new demands on the calendar. Some things will not be as planned, and a scramble to balance on the high wire is steadying.

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