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| December 23, 2013

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Time to start wrapping things up. There’s nothing quite like having to take the festive spirit on the road is there? The premium is on arriving safely wherever you are today, as drivers are most distracted, inebriated and blatantly at their worst. So, I hope you made it.

Here at Texas Fly Caster, it really is time to take a few days off from the keyboard, and being closer to the coast means some “speculative fishing” – the kind of fly fishing you do because you’re in the neighborhood, not necessarily because it will be any good.

Along with the winter solstice comes winter, the real thing this year here in North Texas. The slow melt two weeks ago did wonders for soaking in and creating great runoff from last week’s rains. If it rained like that for about a month (about 30-inches) we would approach normal around here. As it appears today, Lewisville Lake is up about .6 (six-tenths) of a foot, and Ray Roberts is about the same. If you look across the areas that got rain, and their lake levels, the graph looks like a dead cat bounce.

I stopped in at the new Orvis in Plano, Texas, a couple of days ago, and they have some good information on their conditions chalk board in back, including a report that fishing is good around Lake Texoma islands. That’s one big cold place to be this time of year, but it’s on the “TO DO” list for early January. The information on that board is worth the price of admission.

The Blue River and Beaver’s Bend are also on the “TO DO” list for the beginning of 2014. No rest for the wicked weary as the saying goes!

Have a Merry Christmas, and if you get bored be sure to check back here because you never know what you’ll find when I have too much time on my hands.

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