Monday Morning Sidewalk – 24 Hour Fly Fishing

| January 14, 2019

Good Morning Texas flyfishers! Did you know that google search engines value “flyfishers” higher than “fly fishers?” Amazing what one will do in the interest of fair and balanced rankings, isn’t it?

It does seem like this winter is a nagging one – not cold or warm enough to do what we like the most. I guess, if you are retired you should focus your energies on Thursday and Friday this week, when temperatures will top out 25-degrees warmer than what they will be today. Then, just in time for the working-man’s weekend? There is supposed to be another huge drop in temperatures, and possibly the coldest days of the North Texas winter so far.

If you are one of the one-to-two hundred who tunes in only on Monday Mornings, you really are missing some things. You know me. Inspiration can come at anytime, and this weekend was no different as I was boxed into the house and found a charming YouTube Channel about Islamorada. I started watching it, and for some reason I had to make myself stop watching. Check out that article on Localism and The Means to the End for a sample of unexpected weekend writing (and YouTube viewing).

While you’re at it, be sure to check out Season 5 Silver Kings on YouTube! I would think the trumpets would sound (because of all the cookies in my browser) when new episodes, much less a new season of Silver Kings was posted. That’s not the case. It showed up on the YouTube conventional recommendations, and I was just reading the fine print of the thumbnails when I saw the Season 5 caption.

I had someone contact me over the weekend as well – about a guided trip in April. It’s never too soon to ask – this guy has his time zeroed in, and that day will be gone. There’s only so many days, aren’t there? I guess for all you who think “the road goes on forever,” maybe you think the days go on forever as well. I hate to pour ice water on your sleeping face, but you can look at my face anytime — and know that road does end, and we don’t know when.

Have a fantastic week ahead! It could always be worse. You could be working in a “Joe vs. The Volcano” basement somewhere, punching that clock. Are you Joe Banks?

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