Monday Morning Shots Fired

| December 7, 2020

Good Monday Morning all! 

Did you ever think that when you can’t find your car keys; maybe this is God’s way of hanging you up just long enough to miss being in a train wreck, or something worse?

Last night, a mellow Sunday evening in a mellow town, on the mellow side of town, I decided to actually take the four-legged friend for a second walk to wind down the day. He’s in his prime now, and that means energy to burn, so I thought I would burn a little extra before winding him down.

Finn is self disciplined enough now, that I can let him off the hook and tell him, “Go to the house,” from about a house away, and he heads for home and lands, skipping the steps, on the porch at our door. Just about the time he hit the porch, multiple shots ring out from the corner of our street – about 150-yards back from where I just came. Ratta tat tat tat … tat … semi-auto for sure, maybe two. And around the corner a wicked black Cadillac Suburban comes … my way. 

I was at the curb of the driveway, and stood there – looking them in the eyes as they flew by, and then stepping out in the middle of the street and making sure they knew I was looking at them after they passed. That s&*t doesn’t fly in my neighborhood. And I am basically the ONLY de-facto street dog who’s always pissed about something going on on (usually City neglect) my quiet little street.

I’ll skip all the 911 stuff, and say that there was one witness a lot closer than myself, and NOBODY closer to the shots than that witness alone, came out of the their houses … or even seemed to be alive. Maybe that was the strangest part of it all? I am always amazed by how unreliable eyewitness can be, even minutes after the event. And, without my glasses on? No license plate, and no reliable ID of the occupants, except for one – back passenger seat, window still down – eyes on.

Then the evening, jacked up on the increasingly rare substance of adrenalin, gives you time to think … kind of like the aftermath of a fly fishing trip. What could I have done differently? What should I have done at all? There’s rocks in my yard, maybe I should have thrown one at the car? Right, bring a rock to a gun fight … great idea. And you play the “What If” game next. IF the SIG was handy, if the S&W was handy? Then what? No. For the first shots fired on my street in my twenty years here, I think this worked out just fine – this time. And I am best to let it go at that. I do wonder where all my docile neighbors were though. The adrenalin fades …


This is it! This will be a beautiful weather week to remember, almost certainly before it all goes bad again. Bad with the COVID – TRUMP Pandemic, and bad with winter weather kicking us around again. MAKE SURE you subscribe to TPWD News topics that interest you! I received a fantastic e mail from them with multiple stories of interest, especially the update on POWER PLANT lakes in Texas. 

Also, the information on the Denton Greenbelt Debacle continues to trickle in, but with my art orders coming in from our Art Show last Saturday in the yard, I have to spend significant time making the steel art, and picking up a big load of steel this week … just another blue-collar art week ahead! Needless to say, I will be taking advantage of the weather (all this work is outdoors), and working fast to get some free days at the end of this absolutely beautiful week. 

If you have any great fly fishing adventures to tell, be they Power Plant Lakes, Blue River, Texas rivers, striper action or sweet saltwater – – feel free to brag, and I will make sure you get the widest fly bullhorn in Texas – right here on the Texas Fly Caster website. And you can subscribe to be notified on this site’s new stories – when they come out!

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