Monday Morning Roll

| August 7, 2023

Twenty Miles on Bike Starts the Week

But who’s counting anyway? Miles on road bikes are like little creek sand bass … after awhile who’s counting? It is all a part of the fight that has been enjoined this year, the fight against the big daddy fish that eventually meets and eats us all.

The Wholistic Fly Fisher

I have touched on this topic that will surely engulf you, as it has me, at some point in your futures. ASIDE: Women fly fishers, I have noticed, have a certain … “grace” in aging on the fly, that must be duly noted and documented along this wholistic fly journey. Right now? My prostate is screaming for mercy, and the rest of me feels like it is ready to roll into a ball of cramps at every appendage. The neck, and everything about it says, “… yeah, you took thirty-five shots of radiation to the head!” Whether it is simply the muscle to hold my head up while in the drops, or the actual disintegration of spinal cushion? I don’t know and I don’t care. It feels great. Bikes are freedom, just as fly fishing is freedom. Rest assured, the “Wholistic Fly Fisher” topic will become more important as time does its death march.


I hope you have had the time to follow along as the videos last week dropped with little notice, and less fanfare than usual. Two separate reviews, one on the Trxstle Rod Sock and another on a rando purchase of a fly box, the Green Caddis Outfitters Box, were a couple of videos that I had promised for awhile, and the merchandise sat here for that long – A WHILE – as I wrestled the lighting-studio-background into some kind of cooperation. I’m still not juiced about it, but sometimes it is what it is. I may have the time to roll out a few more fly fishing videos this week. I have at least one more product review, of the fantastic bags by a company that popped up on my Instagram feed of all places. Yeah, it’s usually a fool’s click, but this time it turned out for the good. Imagine a camera bag that actually makes a very good fly fishers bag, and you get the picture. Wandrd is the company, and they have expanded their bag collection immensely in the last couple of months.

Simms Waders Video

Sometimes I need to get a taste of the highest quality video production in the fly fishing industry. Where else to start, but Simms? It’s easy enough to see how little someone (like me) amounts to when looking at a video of … waders? Simms has many more videos, but while the message boards, like the Texas Fishing Forum would spend months discussing the benefits of using trash bags as waders, I kind of like to see how the other half lives as well.

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