Monday Morning in Mansfield

| September 30, 2019

Good Monday morning from Port Mansfield, Texas. We had to hunker down yesterday evening as some strong storms with lightning pushed us inshore from our look-see at the Land Cut, and I was told they rumbled through again about 5-am today … I was sleeping like a rock apparently!

The report from here goes like this: There are tons of speckled trout just about everywhere you expect, giant schools of PMT’s (poor man’s tarpon – aka ladyfish, aka skipjack) along the cut, and the mighty redfish? Well they are a bit harder to see and locate. The wind has refracted the water too much and even if there are no waves on the MASSIVE flats,  we the people are acting as sails that set the skiff flying across the flats at high speed.

Make no mistake, I understand why Port Mansfield is what it is. For one thing, it’s the end of the earth. And at the end of the earth, it is strangely not crowded with Texas saltwater hillbillies at all. I also now understand why we never had a house here … it is a LONG WAY to the end of the earth even by Valley standards. And I can imagine that this place in the 1960’s and ’70’s (my Valley time) it must have been even more primitive.

All that said, I am not worried to say, this is a place to put on your list. First, you have to get here. Again, it is a place for BOATS and not much of a place for kayaking. And from here the best features of the Texas Gulf Coast? All you have to do is choose. It could be due east into the Gulf, or the famous “turn left or right.” That’s no joke.

Today, Monday is another day as the sun breaks through right now, and plans are routed and downloaded. Weather checked. Boats checked. I hate to cut this short, but …

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