Monday Morning Coming Down

| August 27, 2012

Good morning on this fine Monday, the last Monday of the summer of 2012. I hope everyone made it to work in their “shiny metal boxes,” and you are now properly jazzed with caffeine and here to help decide what really matters – and that is what Texas Fly Caster content will be during the rest of 2012.

Actually, depending on how long you’ve been a reader, you have probably noticed that content can vacillate from canned press releases, and guide reports to hardcore, hands-on original content that can come from as near as the fly tying bench and as far as the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, the range of Texas Fly Caster has been drastically reduced by the current debacle in gas prices, and the off again economy.

So I have gone back to basics in recent days. I promised a long series of articles related to the San Saba River, and I am still researching that one. Ahead of that, there will be new occasional features on photography – because you have asked for it, and I am glad to talk (at great length) about something I know much better than fly fishing. Look for the first post on “Exposure” this afternoon. The last request I had for more about photography happened in person on an outing almost two weeks ago, and that was the tipping point for the decision to move ahead with more on photography.

I also have a fly tying video in the can waiting for the edit, and some video fresh from last night’s fishing where I didn’t catch the volume of fish I expected, but nevertheless caught largemouth bass, sand bass and crappie – at a good pace and all on fly rod while wade fishing the calm waters at sunset.

I need to remind you that I appreciate your readership, and even more – I appreciate those of you who participate by commenting and suggesting and correcting Texas Fly Caster content when you are inspired to do so. Participation, as a percentage, on any discussion website, is poor at best these days. All you have to do is look around the internet to see that fact. People who design and create discussion board software like phpBB and yaBB are abandoning and have abandoned their labors of love – en masse.

North Texas weather has been interesting unstable the past few days, and fishing has become a little less stable, but closer inshore along with it. We have a hurricane bearing down on the Louisiana Coastline, and I bet that will be a real rainmaker – everywhere but here. I stumbled across a good post by none other than photographer Tosh Brown the other day, that could shed some light on the inconsistent nature of the Texas inshore Gulf Coast – Tosh Brown is worth a much closer look, so I will put him on the radar for a future post.

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