Monday Memorial Day Sidewalking

| May 28, 2018

Thanks again for checking in at Texas Fly Caster. After ten years, I have to remember that many most of you are here for the very first time … sidewalk virgins so to speak. Forget the Monday Sidewalk, and remember you are Texas Fly Casters. I just bring the message to the masses, and try to get you to do the same – bringing your knowledge and MESSAGE to me to share.

Today we remember with respect and reverence those who have died in active military service. That is so heavy to even consider – our debt to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

As I have aged, my perspective on time has changed greatly. Do I remember what I was up to fifteen years ago? Yes I do. When I was born, my grandparents, and the vast majority of the adult population was only fifteen years removed from World War II. Even twenty or twenty-five years later, were they still feeling the pains of loss, elation of surviving, scars and emotional turmoil? I bet they were. But, from my experiences, it wasn’t exactly “discussed.” That’s just another ingredient that made them, I believe, the “Greatest Generation” wasn’t it.

Of course we’ve had too man wars sense WWII, and the sacrifices were equally sad and heroic, unequally recognized and vilified, but time is the greatest variable that balances historical perspectives, gives nuance to our American condition in wartime. Some will not live long enough to rest in the peace and public knowledge of a truly just campaign, and some will. Many of those who served know, whether we know or not, that what they did was for the greater good of the world. I trust that to be an absolute truth.

If I never meet you in this life

let me feel the lack.

A glance from your eyes

and my life will be yours.

– James Jones “The Thin Red Line”


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