Let’s Check Our Underwear

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Monday Morning Waist Deep

This Monday Morning Sidewalk is coming to you while I am on Lake Ray Roberts for the first time in … heck, I forgot how long it has been. But, now that we have boat launch access (only) on Isle DuBois and normal launchability restored at Jordan? Well, you should guess that I am rolling down the ramp about now.

Let me plug in a story on YouTube for your entertainment, while you are in the stalls at work, and rest assured I will report on what is found today on Lake Ray Roberts after the Memorial day melee that struck the Lake.


I don’t know exactly what happened to trigger a base-layer response Saturday, but something triggered this story on great mens underwear for summer in Texas. I will tell you – Summer in Texas means sweat. And soggy bottom boys get wet anyway. Then my attempts to sell an old man on new fabrics gelled in my storyline … it all came together to tell this story about great MODERN fabrics being used for fly fisher-MEN’S underwear.

Whether you get it or not, I appreciate you taking the time to read and watch this Monday Morning. I am working on the next installment of the Texas Fly Fishing News Report, and that should be out this week – unless fish get in the way! Have a great week and subscribe here to get notified when the next big story comes out.

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