Fading Landmarks

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Today is another of those days. We have those days, when we will not forget what happened. An arrow pierces between plates of armor, and if we survive, we are left with a scar and the date of infliction.

But, some scars do fade, those that do not leave us more alone than before the date. That is the case for today’s date, seven-seven. My ears began ringing on the news that I had cancer somewhere in my head, it was a positive test.

I have documented that deep dark rabbit hole as much as I care to, and I will say again, I am one lucky MF. My experience of waiting rooms, and recovery events – seeing people much worse off, eaten away and swollen over by cancer … that is what has stayed with me the longest.

The time in between? It has passed so quickly, a parent felled … others felled. All I want to do these days is live, LIVE it out and use it up. Like my friend says, “… slide into home with nothing left, all used up,” and nothing left to salvage. Well, cancer took care of the salvaging part; I cannot even give blood anymore, but I am still working to wear the other parts harder, and get things done. It’s a different pace nowadays, and I fight that in ways, but I don’t have many allies among my body parts anymore.

All I can really do is advocate for the one vaccine that would have prevented MY cancer if it had existed when I was the right age (HPV vaccine), and I do that religiously, and at the same time feel sorrow for the few anti-vaxxers I know. They are playing a deadly stupid game with their children. Imagine that.

I am well though. How are you?

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