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| October 25, 2021

Birthday Boy Gets Sassy – THE DEAD DRIFT

A quick look back ten and forward … maybe ten? This Dead Drift is a MUST LISTEN! Click on right dots to download it!

Hey there friends! It is Monday, October 25th, and that number is a radical one to contemplate this day. That number is sixty! Sixty-years-old, and I do confess; I don’t feel a day over forty! So take that you old geezers and young wheezers!

I had a brain full of mush by the time I got back from our latest waltz across Texas, a trip that took us down the western highway 281, to the Devils Backbone and into the thick of a weekend in the Texas Hill Country. It was a real eye-opener people. 

I haven’t been down that way in a long time, and I have only heard anecdotally the stories of how the hoards have overrun that part of Texas. But now I know. It isn’t what it was only a few years ago, and it’s hard to imagine it getting better anytime soon. 

Imagine waiting fifteen minutes at a stop sign because one lane or the other, of the two lanes, was choked with cars. And when I say, “choked?” I mean a dozen here and a dozen there, and twenty here and twenty there … it’s an onslaught of a magnitude I was not prepared for – even if I had wrapped my mind around the fact it was a Friday.

On arrival, we spent the night at a fantastic Vrbo getaway – a 2018 Airstream International set up and staged to the hilt. It was just off a main road in Wimberley, Texas, and I can send you details on this particular Vrbo if you are interested. Even though it was off a main road, it was quiet,  gave the illusion of seclusion, and had all the comforts of modern living. A dude ranch it was not.

Saturday it was the Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, Texas, and that was a complete zoo. Huge crowds were seemingly buying all the clay art in sight … I am sure some artists had some pieces left, but our good friend Carl Block sold out on Saturday (the show went through Sunday as well)!

From Gruene it was on to Houston for a Sunday birthday party and back on my own sidewalk by Monday afternoon. 

I would have to emphasize – LISTEN to the podcast in this post if you want to get a real feel for the energy coming from a 60-year-old who doesn’t know it yet.

Thanks for reading, and we will be catching up on the YouTube Channel this week while I continue to wait patiently to break some news on a Galveston story that has been simmering in the background for a few months now.

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