It’s a Good Guess – We’re Here Again on the Monday Morning Sidewalk

| April 6, 2015

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NOTE – Sometimes we think we can outsmart the smart weather guys, and play the rain to our advantage … but not this time.

Good morning and welcome to wherever you arrived, probably after dealing with some kind of traffic woes somewhere. Traffic, and the fact it doesn’t move, is part and parcel to being a Texan these days. It could be I35 running through Austin, I45 in Houston, or the demonic I35E running from Denton through Dallas (a highway I am waiting to clear this Monday before I do battle there), but wherever you are; you know the State’s reputation is going down the drain when it comes to its clogged arteries.

I trust everyone found their Easter eggs, and none will be ground up in the lawnmower next weekend, when the grass again gets out of hand – thanks to all this sweet rain that continues to spot the region. It’s not enough, but it’s not nothing either.

I skipped a couple of column days last week – both Water Wednesday, and Body-Mind-Soul Sunday were saved so that you wouldn’t feel drawn away from family or fishing opportunity – just to read this rag. There’s a lot to say on water – it’s time to watch and critique California’s misguided efforts, and we’ll never run out of things related to the Body-Mind-Soul of ourselves will we?

If you are looking for some fly fishing action that is easy to get to, and guaranteed to give you that jolt; look no further than your local pond or bass filled lake for that evening bite to be on in earnest. While I was wading a flooded (flooded vegetation where a lake left and came back), I was able to hook and not turn a bass in the 5-7 pound range – on a Coyote Carp Fly I apparently dropped in a bed. A couple days later, the back end of a cove in one of Ray Roberts’ parks came alive just after sunset, and the bass bite was phenomenal – a Shock & Awe Clouser if you must ask. All the while, I was still looking for, and nearly finding true carp signs. This should be the week.

I was hoping to time a kayak outing for Sunday, and do the work needed to secure that freedom on Saturday. However, I guessed wrong on the weather and awoke to serious rain Sunday morning … I guess not.

This spring weather is a little crazy around here this year, but here in North Texas a crazy spring weather pattern is more normal, and true to form, more like what it is supposed to be like. So crazy, in this case, is reassuring.

I won’t be able to squeeze much fly fishing in between a schedule that’s been shot full of work holes, but then it’s been ten years of feast-or-famine, and the work famine wickedly this way comes every summer. For those new to this fly fishing resource, I probably should get out front and tell you what that “work” is that punctuates an otherwise open schedule of boundless guiding, fly fishing, casting lessons, and lectures … and that’s my photography business, outdoor writing and photography, Airstream Trailer work, an online fly shop, a kayak shuttle service, a non-profit City of Denton event, building websites like – see, and soon to come – an outlet for the hardcore art side of my work, a new site called Soft Spark Art. Take heart, I have let a few business efforts fall away in the last couple years so that I could concentrate on more important things (readers know what those things are)!

Have a fantastic week, and be sure to check back here often, touch base, as I will be doing as well. Check the Instagram feed, and the twitter feed to be sure to get the latest. No matter what, some space between times will be filled with fly fishing this week – and you’ll read about it here as usual. Heck anything can happen! I can pretty much guarantee it won’t get boring. NOW it’s off to fight traffic!

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