Friday Fly Giveaway – Crappie Fly

| November 3, 2012

NOTE – Sorry for the delay. There are apparently some scheduling conflicts behind the curtain at TFC!

Today’s fly giveaway has some more, shall we say “stipulations” than the last one – as I learn marketing 101 along the way.

First, this giveaway is open only to NEW registerers at Texas Fly Caster.

Second, once you have registered here, you also have to “LIKE” the facebook page. Take a look at the left column for that button.

I will contact you through the e mail address you leave as a newly registered TFC user, and this giveaway runs for 48-hours from the time it’s posted, or until I run out of flies (there’s ten of these), whichever comes first.

I am trying to build some bigger internet “cred” which is becoming less and less possible without the help of the ugly thing they call Facebook. So, I am looking for two things from you the readers; a) likes, and b) repost stories from the Texas Fly Caster Facebook page. The second has a lot more “cred” than the first, but I have to get the waders wet somehow. I don’t exactly know how all this will work, so patience, the patience of a fly fisher please. If you don’t hear from me, and think you’ve jumped through all the burning hoops, contact me. Remember – new registrants only AND 48 hours only.

Thanks for your participation, and this week’s fly is a small circle jig hook Clouser colored for crappie. Good luck and may the best fly fisher comment (these flies are guaranteed to catch crappie when used properly).

Category: Culture on the Skids, Fly Tying

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    Ok bookmarked your website to follow and will like the website

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