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| November 12, 2009

Mountain Fork River

All of Zone 1 is fishable, and fishing well. The stop logs under the bridges have been removed, so everything from the Spillway to the Swim Beach Bridge is flowing now. There is no discernible damage from the water releases in October. This is a great time to fish the Mountain Fork.

Evening Hole and Bluff Hole- On Friday, November 20, the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation will be planting 5,000 fertilized Brown Trout Eggs in Vibert Boxes in this portion of the river. This is an exciting step in the continued improvement of the fishery. The planting will result in more Browns in this section of river, plus these fish will also be more likely to spawn in the future. This is the same method used to start the great Brown Trout fishery on Arkansas’ Little Red River.

Zone 2 & Zone 3- One generator has been running constantly and the water has been too high to fish. This will continue until repairs on the second generator are completed in mid-December.

Trout Spawn- Both Rainbows and Browns are beginning to pair up and spawn on the river. If you see two trout together, please give them a pass and fish for them (and their babies) on another trip. Also keep your eyes open while wading and avoid stepping on any saucer to plate sized areas of clean gravel. This could be a spawning bed (redd) and contain eggs or fry.

East Texas Lakes- The heavy rains and subsequent draw down of the lakes made the fall fishing difficult in East Texas. The great winter time Chain Pickerel and power plant lake Bass fishing will be starting soon.

Trout Lab Recap- On November 7 & 8, Doc Thompson and I presented the second edition of Trout Lab; The Practical Science of Fly Fishing on the Lower Mountain Fork River. Thankfully the weather, water and Army Corps of Engineers cooperated and we were able to conduct a top notch field trip on the water on Sunday. Feedback from the class participants has been very positive. The next scheduled Trout Lab will be June 5 & 6, 2010 on the Cimarron River at Ute Park, NM.

2010 Fly Fishing Courses- I will be sending out a complete schedule of Entomology for Fly Fishers, Trout Lab and Bass Lab courses, along with details on a couple of new courses, in early December.

North Texas Outdoor Expo- This Saturday, November 14, Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Steve Hollensed, the staff of Orvis Dallas and I will be helping with the first annual North Texas Outdoor Expo at Elm Fork Shooting Sports, 10751 Luna Road, Dallas Texas. This unique event is to designed to give kids a head start on involvement in outdoor sports and the appreciation of nature Rock climbing, kayaking, target shooting, bird watching, archery, fly fishing and a host of other activities will be offered. Admission is free to kids 17 and under, $5.00 for everyone else.

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