Fly Fishing Music Top 10 2016

| January 13, 2017

TOP 10 Fly Fishing Music 2016

We don’t have any “timeless” releases this year, among the final cut of Fly Fishing Music 2016, but there are some strong releases and a “fair warning” about bands to watch in the future.

In ten years, we’ve covered entire careers of folks like Ryan Bingham (remember that discovery?) and others. We’ve also seen legends depart the planet over the years as well; the documentary (I finally found the courage to watch) on Levon Helm, that touched on his throat cancer – cemented a brotherhood. Bowie? I am convinced he was actually taken home to the planet from which he came.

I would have loved to do a Fly Fishing Top 10 Music radio show, as in years past, but the economy does not give the stretch to drop a Benjamin on the CD’s I don’t already own. And I am no pirate (even if I did/do run the music RF on past radio casts). I have succumbed to the subscription service at Apple Music, and listen to countless releases for a paltry family membership fee. It certainly saves a boatload of bait when it comes to purchasing bad releases, or releases with only one good tune. (Our countdown is based on several factors, not the least of which is judging the ENTIRE release, not just a single tune.)

We are simply going to step away from the fanfare for this year’s Top 10 Music Countdown (2016), and start at 10 and go down to 1. Will there be a radio cast? Only if you request one. If you want me to elaborate on these selections, just ask, and I will back my choices.

  • NUMBER 8 – Tie – David Bowie & Leonard Cohen — “Blackstar” & “You Want it Darker” respectively
  • NUMBER 7 – Wilco – “Schmilco”
  • NUMBER 6 – Kings of Leon – “Walls”
  • NUMBER 5 – Radiohead – “A Moon Shaped Pool”
  • NUMBER 4 – Drive by Truckers – “American Band”
  • NUMBER 3 – Jim James – “Eternally Even”
  • NUMBER 2 – Bob Weir – “Blue Mountain”
  • NUMBER 1 – Lucinda Williams – “Ghosts of Highway 20”

Thanks so much for your patience, as this was heavily delayed by the cyber warfare with Chinese hackers back in December. Please feel free to add your Top 10, or even a single release that you think was overlooked in the countdown. I will follow up this story with another post in a week – containing reader contributions to the Fly Fishing Top 10 Music Countdown 2016. One week – the clock is ticking.

Thanks for reading! Get out your kayak, the water’s going to rise in North Texas this weekend! As Clapton said, “Let it rain.”

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