Fly Fishing Film Tour

| March 10, 2021

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is now available online. They evolved some last year, and now the evolution continues! There’ll come a time when we all gather for these events, and spread germs among ourselves again, but it’s not looking like this is the year.

We are about to resume the original video series: “Texas Fly Fishing Report” this week, believe it or not! It’s too soon for North Texas, but the rest of the State seems to be thawing out much more quickly! If you have never seen the Texas Fly Fishing Reports, that’s because you haven’t visited the YouTube Channel. It is named for this website Texasflycaster, and here is your link – Texas Fly Fishing Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel. Both the YouTube Channel and this website are complimentary to each-other, and play to your preferences — be they written word or highly produced slick videos (insert laugh here). The Reports typically drop on a Thursday or Friday.

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