Fishing’s Future Needs Your Help

| January 19, 2011

Some of you may know that I am on the board of directors for a non-profit organization called Fishing’s Future. My role is mostly that of putting the words to the task, doing public relations and website writing for the organization.

Fishing’s Future is the brainchild of one Shane Wilson, who I met randomly at a Laguna Madre Fly Fishers event in 2008. Since then, as part of my continuing commitment to Fishing’s Future and to prepare for a future chapter in North Texas, I also spent a couple of days with Mr. Wilson and South Texas chapter leader Paul Trevino late last year. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department puts on certification programs, where I was certified as a TPWD Master Angler Instructor. Although the certification isn’t necessary to work for Fishing’s Future, it was certainly enlightening when it comes to organized methods of teaching fishing to youth. Whether I am cut out for it (Kids Fish Camp) will soon be clear. What is clear is one of the main reasons I got on board with Fishing’s Future in the first place; they require parents to attend the Kids Fish Camps as well. If you think about it, that’s the key isn’t it? Kids can learn, but if their parents don’t know anything, the kids could forget or get tied in knots and parents wouldn’t know how to solve common problems. Fishing’s Future has the foresight to make fishing a bond between kids and parents instead of kids and fishing.

Fishing’s Future is having one of their Kids Fish Camps January 29 in the Rio Grande Valley. This Camp will be held at Rancho El Charro, and I will be there along with others to finally witness a camp, learn and liaison between media coverage for in house promotions, local media, instructors and participants. I will also be shooting stills and recording audio for Fishing’s Future.

How Can You Help?
Fishing’s Future is a registered 501c3 organization that thrives on corporate donations, donations from the fishing industry, as well as donations from individuals like you. Yes, times are hard, and financial donations are even harder to come by these days. However, if you have any working fishing rods and reels that are something a kid could easily use, I can make arrangements to take them off your hands, and get them into small hands of the future fishing generations.

Fishing’s Future is also seeking industry sponsors to add to the list that now includes: DOA Fishing Lures, Hawaiian Tropic, KOA of South Padre Island, Sea Turtle, Inc., TTF Fishing, Texas International Fishing Tournament, Rio Health Medical, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Pure Fishing, Ross Reels, Kirk’s Fly Shop and Padre Brewing.
We also have a star studded advisory board including; Bobby Knight, Flip Pallot and State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.

– Thanks, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled fish porn. –

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