esCARPment Carp Fly Fishing Results

| July 9, 2018

esCARPment Central Texas Carp Tournament Phenomenal Success

Here are the results for the esCARPment tournament for 2018 (not 2017)!

FROM McLean Worsham:

“Hi Shannon, Glad to share with you. This year, drought conditions and high winds made for challenging conditions. Despite that multiple anglers had phenomenal days with 732.5 total inches of carp caught by 8 anglers. Robert Hensley and Sam Arguello both had world class days and set the bar extremely high for next year. Sam landed 11 carp for a total of 209.5 inches securing 2nd place, while Robbie landed 14 carp for a total 314.75 inches securing him 1st which is also the most productive day of fly carping in the Texas hill country just about any of us have ever heard of. The race for third was a close one between Eric Julius and Josh Smith coming down to just 1 inch with Eric taking 3rd after a 40 minute fight with his largest fish. Ryan Schaper had only one carp on the day that turned out to be 32.5 inches and 20 pounds securing him the single biggest fish of the tournament award. We will try to get a writeup on the website soon.”

I apologize to those who were good at getting these results out to me promptly! This came in with a bunch of other information, and I did not have enough hours in my weeks to get this done at that time. Now You Know!

Look for a lengthy story on Texas carp tournaments coming in Lone Star Outdoor News soon!

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