Epic Weather for This Week – Where are You Headed?

| January 26, 2015

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Good morning, and welcome to wherever you are in the world today! At least we aren’t fighting ice, snow or other obstacles on our way to our assigned seats aboard our assigned working lives today, right?

This week IS shaping up to be absolutely exceptional for our cold fly fishing souls, even if our North Texas water is too cold to actually “See the fish. Be the fish. Catch the fish.” as we do in spring. It certainly is going to be warm enough to at least go look, and play-like we could catch warm weather species on fly.

I hope you are all enjoying the Texas Fly Fishing Reports that come out on a fairly consistent basis – on video here and archived at the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel. Subscriptions are on the slow increase, and after something like eight years of YouTubing we’ve accumulated a good number of “views.” They tell me those things matter …

One thing we can count on is that this “bluebird” weather with warm air will turn on the Gulf Coast, and if this week strings together five days of this weather, and if the tides are right, and if the winds hold off … they’re looking at an epic week.

These bluebird days don’t do much for fly fishing in Oklahoma, as the fish hunker down during bright days to avoid predation. A look at that weather change predicted for the end of the week tells me (with that change in weather) Saturday can be massive for the Oklahoma fly fishing crowds.

Stay tuned this week, as we test the bounds of bandwidth and media with a late night YouTube Hangout, a Wednesday water report, a Thursday Texas Fly Fishing Report, a new Fly Fishing Tip, a GoPro downer … and who knows what else.

All this video stuff reminds me of a story I heard last night from a young lady from Los Angeles. She said she witnessed something very funny at an LA skating rink. “Everyone there was skating around holding GoPros on the end of sticks videoing themselves. They were running into each other, banging sticks! It was hilarious!” Having lived in Southern California, I can vouch for that part of the US being the epicenter of narcissistic North America. Can you visualize that clash of the GoPro Poles? That is hilarious.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned.

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