Elvis Has Left The Building

| October 18, 2009

Huge dragonfly sitting on a stick.
A dragonfly rests on a stick in the fall sunlight today at Lake Ray Roberts, Texas.

I saddled up the Land Cruiser, loaded up the 6 weight, and headed out to the flats today for one last hurrah with Joel Hays.

This late in the year, there’s just not much one can do to entice wily carp into taking a fly. Today was no exception, with a stiff wind, cooler waters and the sun riding lower in the sky, the carp had the advantage in just about every department.

They had already been skittish for about a month, and the last two weeks of rain did a lot to confuse their senses. Earlier this week, while it was still raining, I had talked to JH about a best case scenario coming today, and if it were a couple of degrees warmer, it would have been a great scenario.

As it was, we did see carp, tails and lots of mudding going on. They were holding deeper and every bit as skittish. Joel went with the bonefish bitters, a classic go-to fly, and I worked my way through my box with no takers.

JH managed two carp while I pestered several with my flies to no avail. By the time I caught up to JH, we were near the midpoint, the wind was going stronger, making it much cooler than anyone fly fishing for carp typically encounters.

We made our way to the end of the usual run. I was fishless, skunked, and really didn’t think much of it … just a victim of circumstance.

Our conversation turned to cold water fishing; trout, Broken Bow, Blue River, the Guadalupe and tying flies. Somebody always comes up with a great pitch on a new place, but on the list for a weekday, when conditions are right, is the Blue River. Off the list is Broken Bow since there is an imminent epic manmade disaster forecast when the gates of spillway are opened to facilitate repairs on the generation gates. On my wintertime list is salt. Given the choice and the time, why not zero in on some winter action along the coast?

I still had an itch to scratch, so we said our goodbyes, and I headed for another, more sheltered spot inside Isle Du Bois park on Ray Roberts. As if to send me off, I caught my first carp after two minutes and caught two more within twenty minutes. These carp were feeling frisky and fearless. Once I got my fix and before the entire area was spooked, I called it a day, and headed for home.

The persimmons are ripening, the leaves are turning in their subtle north Texas colors, and summertime is in full retreat. El nino is waiting stage left, and Elvis has left the building.

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  1. blogadmin says:

    I am getting a few people who do not know what’s going on at Beaver’s Bend / Broke-n Bow. Let me wait until I can gather all the links and put that out tomorrow.

  2. blogadmin says:

    Probably close to four inches wingtip-to-wingtip.

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