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| January 16, 2024

The Denton Trinity River Elm Fork Disaster 2024

Like a moth to a flame, I keep coming back to this one topic. I keep coming back to the Denton Greenbelt because it was once such a great fly fishing experience, and now it is a disaster in just about every way you can possibly measure. Time, our greatest asset, is passing by quickly and we certainly measure it differently from government employees, don’t we? SEE THE New WEBSITE PAGE — Denton Greenbelt

And there has been no progress since I walked away from this Great Debacle in 2022, and there was no progress by anyone else before that. The question now is:


In a recent email exchange with Robbie Merritt at Lake Ray Roberts’ Isle DuBois Unit, and here’s what he had to say:

Why did 380 Park Close etc:
We closed the 380 park and all trails south of the overlook back on Christmas Eve due to flooding coming down Clear Creek from the rains that week.  As you know, since 2021 we’ve been keeping the 380 park and the trails open as much as possible when it’s dry and we can provide minimal services but, closed when it floods until we can make minimal repairs.  During the last closure, in October, we were able to get things reopened fairly quickly due to dryer conditions following the flood.  This event will likely take more time to repair from due to the wet conditions on the trail and some downed trees associated with the last couple of weeks of rains and wind events.  We’re working from the overlook down, addressing those problems and will reopen sections of trail towards 380 as we progress.  But, it has been slow going lately because the trails, even in the more upland areas, have been so wet.  We generally try to stay off of the trails with our equipment when they are saturated to prevent further damage.  And it appears that we’re in a bit of a wet weather cycle to come.  So, stay tuned….
Anything else on the log jams:
As far as log jams go, I did visit with our Inland Fisheries folks over the holidays and they confirmed for me that the Elm Fork project was submitted last year for the Federal Fish Passage Grant program, but was not selected by USFW for funding during that cycle.  However, we are in the process of submitting it again this year and should know by May if the project is selected or not. 
I haven’t heard much updates from Denton or the Corps lately on the CAP grant, for funding to do a full feasibility study of clearing the watershed.  But, it seems that was not selected for funding during the last cycle either.  I don’t know if they are planning to apply for that again or not.   

Robbie Merritt, Park Superintendent

I certainly appreciate any information from those closest to the disaster. A special thanks goes to Robbie Merritt for responding quickly and thoroughly to my request for more information. I am wondering about those little nuggets inside …

Here are some stories from the past for your reading & viewing pleasure:


So far there has been no ZERO response from the new Commander for Fort Worth Colonel Calvin Kroeger to an email I sent last year. You can always email him at  [email protected] and see if you get a response. Maybe, even though I am a tax paying citizen, I need to follow the “chain of command?” I guess I will give that a try.


WE I need all three branches of these governments in the same room, at the same table, and talking. Heck, it would be good for them too – to network their next career move! Organization, communication, cooperation and planning – the good old OCCP – in the here and now. Call it what governments call it, a “committee,” a “board,” or whatever name you want to give it. But, for the love of God, get together now please. It is blatantly obvious: Communication between City of Denton, TPWD and the US Army Corps of Engineers is … spotty at its best, when it comes to the Denton Elm Fork Greenbelt Debacle.

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