MLK Monday With Ice

| January 15, 2024

A Day Completely Off

Welcome to Martin Luther King Jr. day 2024. It is eerily silent outside, except for the clang of the gongs I make, hanging from frozen tree branches around the old homestead. Jets must have been rerouted and the brine squirted highways are not chanced, so that highway hum is gone as well. These silences are rare, and rare reminders of other days in history, like September 11, or the great winter grid breakdown of 2021 here in the grid independent State of Texas. Once the electricity went off? There was no whirr of old heater fans, no TV … and the great State of Texas tallied up 246 deaths for that event.

This isn’t that though. We have a few more days before it melts, but the grid is apparently holding so far, and we’re going to hold steady, and do what we do in these times – tie some flies, maybe learn a new pattern, and continue intense learning.

Talking to China

In that same category, learning, I will be sitting in on a screen sharing event from a factory in China tonight. This is the factory that makes the Insta AcePro action camera that has grabbed my videography attention away from the GoPro slow-mo train crash. The company has already proven itself to be responsive to minor concerns about the hardware, and I would guess this session tonight is firmware related.

Have a great week. Stay warm, and don’t chance walking on ice – if you don’t have to.

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