Cleaning Up After The Tiger

| April 15, 2019


Believe it or not, this April is actually better weather than April 2018! One thing every fly fishing person should do is keep a diary. Simply keeping track of last year’s weather patterns tells me that three-of-four weeks in April 2018 were … rained completely out.

Does that make a difference? Well, when it comes to figuring out what’s got you itching, and how to scratch it? It sure does.


So I will be spending (at least) another evening cleaning up the Fly Bar and getting ready to broadcast sometime this week – the original Texas Fly Fishing Report (in video format of course), and try to also keep all the other regularly scheduled posts coming to you in between riding the weather tiger this week (another 100% day coming Wednesday), and doing some minor work on the skiff, and and and …

We’ll have to cut through the weather if we are ever going to go for launch, as the winds are typical of April. To CUT THROUGH these kinds of conditions, ROD UP to something that will help you cut the wind regardless of presentation. If you can’t cast, what good is it to be out there in this wind anyway?

We will certainly get a chance at some open dam action based on how the USACE is maintaining levels at Ray Roberts, and that action is completely out of the wind! BE SURE to sign up for the one-and-only FISH FLASH Text Messaging with me, and I will clue you into that as soon as it happens. 

Make no mistake, there is other action to be had at other dam releases (Denison Dam and perhaps below Lewisville, and of course Possum Kingdom Lake) , but if you are a fly fisher in Celina, Aubrey, The Colony, Little Elm, Frisco or Plano? This action is right in our backyard. And it is almost always a short lived phenomenon. Text is the only and best way to find out as it happens, and ride the tiger for yourself.

If you want to watch video of all these ramblings (although in much less detail than you’ll find here!), be sure to subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel today!

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