Brainstorming and Nikon SB-800 Flash

| December 5, 2008

Edgerton style photography fly fishing cast motion


It suddenly occurred to me that one function of the Nikon SB flashes could lead to some interesting results and “illumination” in the area of fly casting. I bet Lefty has done this, and with all props to Edgerton, I just had to give the multiple fire a shot.

[ppw id=”133611378″ description=”Strobe flash of casting with D800 Strobe” price=”.10″]

The tweaks needed to get closer to perfect are probably darkness and dark clothes for the subject. It took several frames to figure out just how many firings were needed in a single cast. Too many, and there was too much blurred action and multiple casts were overlapped. Too few, and there is not enough information to properly define a cast.

Needless to say, this was virtually impossible only a few short years ago. Sure, you could have shot rolls and rolls of film for one or two exposures in the ballpark.

A special thanks goes out to LK. Locally, anyone willing to expose their cast to my camera is encouraged to contact me and we can make arrangements.


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