Battle Lines Being Drawn – Trinity Edwards Aquifer & Electro Purification

| March 25, 2015

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I was listening to the local broadcast on North Texas’ NPR station KERA in Dallas yesterday, and they have subscribed to a new news service, the Texas Standard out of the University of Texas Austin. Of course there are “leanings” that may be foreign to the Chicken Fried Nation, but they did hit on a topic all readers of this news outlet value – water.

Apparently, the State of Texas has awakened a sleeping giant with their awarding of water pumping rights for the Trinity-Edwards aquifer. Lawsuits have been filed, and the battleground is the 1904 “Rule of Capture.” The company at the center of this water storm is Electro Purification, also known as EP.

Here’s the link for the story – There’s a lot to learn about the Texas aquifers, and if the new normal means some of the old normal dries up and blows away, chances are we will be hearing, seeing, and I’ll be writing a lot more about it here.

Thanks to the Texas Standard for their very liberal sharing policies (I couldn’t find any rules on that), and their much needed perspective on Texas news stories! Any job openings?

NOTE – I think I can handle others fighting the water battles in other distant parts of Texas, and reporting on them! I wonder if Rick Perry will be getting campaign contributions from a company with the initials EP?

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