Backyard Art Show and Denton Pop Up Shop

| December 8, 2017

Backyard Art Show Denton Holiday Pop-Up Shop 2017

We are having a Backyard Show tomorrow, Leslie’s Backyard Art Show, and it starts at 10-am and runs to about 5 tomorrow evening 12/09/17.

Then, we are moving all of Leslie’s Cimarrona merchandise to our temporary Pop Up Shop just off the Historic Square in Downtown Denton, Texas, to open that store Monday December 11. [ppw id=”183910998″ description=”Backyard Show and Denton PopUp Shop” price=”.25″]

That shop will be open for a couple of weeks, more-or-less, and will feature several artist’s work and several different types of media. The Denton Holiday Pop-Up Shop is located at 301 S. Locust St. just south of the Square in Denton, Texas. Come by and say hi during the weekdays if you get a chance. I will have long hours, and can stay open in the evening if you just let me know you’re coming (how old school is that?).

So as you can tell, I am a bit busy with things other than, but ALWAYS in support of the fly life! Heck, it snowed across Texas south of here last night anyway. It is almost impossible to believe we didn’t get any snow, while Houston and other “warmer” places had a 2-inch dusting on the ground this morning. There’s certainly no need for a Texas Fly Fishing Report this week.

It is the season when we do turn toward enticing you into the holiday spirit – with our list of fly fishing gift giving ideas, and we finish up with our Top 10 Fly Fishing Music for 2017 in the last half of December as well. There are full-length releases I have yet to spin, but I will let you know where I stand – with the long list, and you can tell me if I missed anything, before I get down to the short list.

Anyone attending the Saturday show? Drop the code word at the Fly Bar for a special release beer treat, no trick.


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