Backcasting for 2012-04-15

| April 15, 2012
  • #diablopaddlesports Welcome Clint Keating to the cult de Diablo. Photo just sent to me after unwrapping his shipment! #
  • #reelrecovery News 8 WFAA about to run story on Reel Recovery. #
  • North Texas weather unstable – to severe – for next few days. Could be a tornado repeat according to talkingweatherheads. #
  • More Gulf moisture headed north this morning. Get ready for another round of rough weather OK,KS and North Texas. #
  • Port Aransas grad student explains flying plankton's ability to leap 40 times its body length #
  • Storms in North Texas in like a lamb, and out like a lion in Oklahoma. It ain't over 'til it's over though. #


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