An Evening at the Auction – Fort Worth Fly Fishers Shindig

| May 1, 2013

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I hardly knew what to expect going into a fly fishing club auction, and enough time had passed since I had donated a guided trip that I almost forgot. Nevertheless, a huge crowd piled into University Christian Church in Fort Worth last night to socialize, try their luck and downright outbid their friends – all in the name of fundraising for Fort Worth Fly Fishers of Fort Worth, Texas.

I was under strict instructions to bid on Texas Rangers tickets, and managed not to get distracted by pontoon boats, trips to Arkansas, fly rods, tying materials, books and a bevy of other items … virtually none of which remained at the end of the night. I was also beaten back on those Ranger tickets, but there are days like that.

What I took away for free was a great time talking to a huge cross section of addicts about topics ranging from ultralight fly fishing to the Conejos River to new fly rods to carp techniques to the redesign of this site to Arkansas fly fishing to flounder on fly …
It was a great time to visit, and hear first hand that you like the redesign of Texas Fly Caster and offered words of encouragement to keep at what I do here. Remember that you can be a part of the experiences here too – no story, no fish, no fish story is too small.

As I said, it was a good size crowd and a crowd that varied in age and gender. We are still woefully short on youth, but that really is something that will take time to grow. Back in the Valley we grew live oak trees and banana trees side-by-side. I’d like to think the growing of the youth movement in fly fishing to be more oak-like than bananas.

The biggest items last night were part of a raffle, and I have to say I broke that Southern Baptist rule, and purchased a single raffle ticket for the kayak they were raffling off. What the heck, Grandma plays dominoes every day now, and if she were still driving, I bet there’d be a lottery ticket or two in her purse. Ahh, the good old guilt.


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