All The Events That Fit!

| May 5, 2011

If you go far enough in any direction, you will find yourself somewhere else. The same can be said about news and events surrounding fly fishing in Texas.

Once I was at the fly tying yesterday at Sportsman’s Finest, there were fliers everywhere for events that, if you’re in North Texas, you may not even know exist. Such was the story with the Fly Fishing Film Tour which I announced here a few minutes before it actually happened (sorry about that), but chances are you weren’t in range if you were in North Texas anyway. If you were in Austin, which is the case for more and more readers, then I hope you enjoyed the show.

Along with the Film Tour I found a folded brochure on the Gulf Coast Council Federation of Fly Fishers event in San Antonio, Texas, this weekend. Sure I could be in three, four or five places at once, but for now it looks like Captain Mark Becerra out of the Rio Grande Valley – – will be out pair of wading boots on the ground in San Antonio. Why do I get the feeling he will be having all the fun?

Of course, if the folks from the Gulf Coast Council Federation of Fly Fishers had contacted me in advance, I would have been more than happy to have run the story on their event long before now, and maybe could have even put it on the travel calendar. I guess I hooked this one but didn’t quite land it. If you are a part of the GCFFF, feel free to keep Texas Fly Caster in your loop in the future.

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  1. shannon says:

    LOOK GUYS! Tons and tons more stuff on the way, and that includes video of Thursday’s carp spawning – REAL FISH PORN – as well as two more sow LMB’s caught at Ray Roberts today. Talk amongst yourselves, and comment here.

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