Zebra Mussels Clogging Pipes at Ray Roberts?

| May 6, 2015

zebra mussels lake ray roberts

News Media on Lake Ray Roberts recording the news of zebra mussels 2012.Media converges on Lake Ray Roberts zebra mussel story in 2012. TFC File Photo

NOTE – File this one under, “Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once-in-awhile.” Here’s a NEWS TIP for those of you reading from your news rooms and parent’s basements throughout the digital web. Feel free to use this information as a springboard for your stories.

I have been watching and wondering exactly what was going on at the Lake Ray Roberts dam for a number of weeks. Recently, as rains took Ray Roberts up to 100-percent, I observed that the dam was still barely open. And it had been barely open for weeks before the rains came. As I sniffed on the story, I did hear that “repairs” were being done, and I even came upon crews there on an ongoing basis. I couldn’t reach them because they were working far away, and usually behind fences.

My theory for them holding water to the level it is now, is/was that there was a debate going on between the need to let water go and the need to slow the spread of the zebra mussel. These observations are based on not knowing what Lewisville Lake is doing, as that dam tailwater has limited access.

Well … I think the zebra mussel infestation at Lake Ray Roberts is at the root of why unusual things are going on at that dam. We all remember that pipes being clogged from Texoma to Lavon and the new pipeline built to keep that lawn water flowing, right? I think the zebra mussels got ahead of attempts to slow them down.

Lake Ray Roberts is a municipal water supplier. I think the pipes are clogged with zebra mussels. It could be the intakes, or the pipes that transport the water, but even though the dam is aging, and needs routine work, this smells like something different.

Could the water supply be effected by this situation? Is this actually what’s happened at the dam – are Ray Roberts’ supply pipelines clogged with zebra mussels? I have not had the time to sit down and read a local newspaper, or anything related to this topic lately. Perhaps someone already has this story. If not, here you go news writers! Go get it. The only story I am seeing is from last year, and did acknowledge the problem with pipes and the need to spend (what amounts to a few bucks) on the problem. Here is the link to that story – http://www.dentonrc.com/local-news/local-news-headlines/20140705-water-treatment-plants-battle-zebra-mussels.ece .

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