Wild Art Wednesday

| November 8, 2023

OWN a Piece of Padre History

It never occurred to me that Grandma was doing some historical mining when she would stop at the postcard display – you remember those spinning rounders that sat at the registers on South Padre right? – and she would take not one, but two, three sometimes even five postcards of the same and add them to the bill. (If you don’t know what a postcard is? Just ask me. It goes way back to the days of the “post office.”)

A few survived long enough for me to dig them up and after spending my time on South Padre Island in late 2022 halfway into 2023, I recognized them as valuable timepieces that show what the Island once was. They don’t go quite back to my first memories of South Padre Island in the early 60’s, but those aerials certainly capture an island on the cusp of being changed forever.

And the innocence of beach combing couples belied the tumult of the Island’s late 60’s hippie invasion, that by the early 70’s was just another memory.

I only have a few originals, so I decided to do better, and now have these reproductions for purchase in my SHOP. If you are unfamiliar with framing, then let me explain the description on the postcards … when an image is “floated” that means they are printed (by me archivally) on an oversize sheet of quality photo paper. That makes them ripe for quality framing, and that is a service I also offer for all the artwork in my gallery. Quality prints in quality frames for artwork with South Padre Island, and Borderlands

South Padre Island Vintage Post Card Andy Bowie Park Aerial

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Vintage South Padre Island Post Card Reproduction

Originally a post card from the mid-early 1970's, this post card image is reprinted to its original size floated on 6X9" archival rag paper. Intended for framing, and kept intentionally small as an accent artwork piece for retail walls and shelves. WHOLESALE INQUIRIES welcome!

STORY: Culled from Pop's Grandma's postcard collection.

- Credit - Charles and Joann Jordan | James Hanshaw Postcards -

- best efforts made to contact -

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